How to Grab The Best Food in Chicago at Pocket Friendly Prices

While all of us have debates and quarrels about some topic or the other, we all get united and never fight when it comes to talking about food. Knowing about awesome restaurants and the food varieties is as good as eating them. Are you a person looking for some savvy diners and restaurants that have the best food served. Then continue reading. You are in the right place,.

Chicago’ Best Breakfast Places:
Here are few places that has delectable and filling food served for breakfast and also fall in your budget.

1. Best Bite at Nellie’s

Bright paintings and charming woodwork set the scene for Nellie’s breakfast special,an open-faced omelet seasoned with sofrito and loaded with cheese, veggies, salchichon sausage, and sweet plantains, served alongside Nellie’s signature coconut oatmeal and garlic bread. Sounds great.

2. The Breakfast Lounge

The Breakfast Lounge poses a thought-provoking question: why not replace your daily lunch with a second breakfast? The chef’s special dishes include the sprinkle candied pecans over towers of fried chicken and waffles and the Dr. Seuss’s green eggs and ham. It will be the perfect place for breakfast in chicago.

3. Original Pancake House

Big fan of pancakes and crepes? Then this is the most visited restaurant for breakfast in chicago.and you should try too. Powdered sugar lines the rims of oven-baked Dutch baby pancakes, and granny-smith apples simmer in oven-baked pancakes are delicious Even the toppings are made in-house, including whipped cream, specialty syrups, and sauces.

Chicago’s Best Lunch Spots
Looking for a best, nutritious and sumptuous lunch varieties. Here are few restaurants to help you through.

1. Pegasus Restaurant and Taverna

Looking for some exclusive Greek cuisines? Then here is the place you should visit. Greektown home to classic Mediterranean flavors & a rooftop with views of the city skyline with exquisite lunch varieties is all you need for a perfect lunch date.

2. Superdawgs

Sounds different. Yes and they serve food at the super fast speed. It’s a pretty standard place – you place your order in the window and you can either take it to go or eat at the separate sit-down area.vanquishes hunger with an all-beef Chicago-style hot dog flanked by sidekicks of mustard, piccalilli, kosher dill pickle, chopped spanish onions, and hot peppers.looks like a must try!

3. Atolito Mexican Catering

Are you a big fan of mexican food varieties? Then you would love this spot. Cozy little spot with delicious food. Their delivery is always described as a breeze. With your friends or a date, This place serves perfect tummy filling mexican dishes that will make your taste buds happy.

Chicago’s Dinner and Night Life

Chicago being well known for its nightlife, From dance clubs to cocktail lounges, comedy stages to craft beer havens, you’ll find it all. Here is the crisp list of places you might like

1. Output Lounge and Sports Bar

Low-key hangout featuring bar food through late-night plus sports on TVs, DJs & a patio.The service seems to be a bit slow but, it’s worth waiting.they have a nice beer selection and there’s always sports on the tube. To someone who wants to chill out and love watching sports then this the place.

2. The Comedy Bar

If you are out looking for some place that’s quite different from usual, then Comedy bar is what you are searching for. The place serves drinks and sides. It may not be appropriate for a perfect dinner restaurant but it’s perfect for someone who wants to try something different and enjoy the chicago’s nightlife.

Even though the restaurant categories mentioned are less they are exclusively hand picked based on various factors like ambience, price, deals and the public reviews from various popular food reviewers.

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