The Chipotle Facts!

For all the fast-food lovers, here is a small review of the most popular fast-food chain restaurant “CHIPOTLE.” Chipotle, formed during the year 1993 with a motive that “fast foods need not give a fast food restaurant experience. They are not only famous for their Burritos, but also for other activities such as games, offers, and deals. If you love Chipotle here are five awesome facts to note about them.

1. The founder isn’t a dropout!

He went to the Culinary Institute of America before starting Chipotle, meaning he got the same schooling as Roy Choi, Duff Goldman, and that wiseass Anthony Bourdain. Woah! He is someone very serious.

2.Chipotle acknowledges it’s best managers with $10,000 bonuses.

The elite restaurateur program recruits general managers who have a knack for grooming new talent and grants them: an initial bonus, stock options, $10,000 for each of their crew members who become GMs, and d) unlimited refills, we assume. WOW! Appreciable right.

3.The BOO-rritos.

On Halloween, Chipotle offers discounted “Booritos” to those who come dressed up. Cute. Isn’t it?

4.You can score free burritos every day for a year. If you’re “famous.”

Chipotle makes custom cards for its celebrity fans, with two notable examples being Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper and this aging hippie Steven Tyler. Don’t get angry; it’s a type of marketing move.

5.Chipotle are known for their excellent deals and offers.

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