5 Jaw-Dropping Themed Restaurants Around The World

100 years before, people wanted food for energy and survival, the time changed and people wanted variety in the food they ate, again the time changed and people wanted Unique and creative twists in the food they ate.

The innovation in the food industry does not stop here. In today’s world, not just the food but the surrounding in which we sit and eat has to be unique and exotic. Here are few jaw-dropping and crazy theme restaurants around the world.

1. Let the feet get wet, while we enjoy the food.

Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant. In the Philippines. The guests are reserved with tables right below the waterfalls.


2. Keep calm and fight like Ninja.

Ninja theme Restaurant. In New York. Here every guest is welcomed by a person who wears Ninja costumes and the place they sit looks like you entered a creepy cave.

3. Scared of heights? Uh-Oh! We serve food here.

If you ever visit Belgium, you got to check out this Restaurant in the sky, where Diners can enjoy their meals 150 feet up in the air.


4. Going undersea to have lunch.

‘Ithaa’, the undersea restaurant in Maldives lets you enjoy the beautiful undersea ambiance. First of its kind undersea restaurant in the world located 5 meters below sea level at Conrad Maldives Rangoli island in the Republic of Maldives. People can enjoy an amazing 270-degree view of the Indian ocean while eating.


5. Oops, It’s called the Modern Toilet Restaurant.

Are you done with your “Eww” and “Not possible” expressions? The modern toilet Restaurant exists in Reality. In Hong-Kong and Taiwan, Everything here is bathroom themed: Guests sit on toilet seats, eat out of (clean) bed pans, and dive into chocolate soft serve ice cream served in a container shaped like a toilet.


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